Fall Update

Here we are. We have finally moved. As we were not going too far this time, we decided to do it by ourselves. I will never do it again. It’s been so long and tiring! Not that it is finished… we still have a room full of boxes and so is the garage. But at least the rest of the house is fine.

It is an old house with a lot of little problems here and there, but it is situated in a beautiful place and has a wonderful garden. That’s why we choose it. On one side, our garden borders the woods. The apple tree is full of fruits and that attracts lots of beautiful birds. I love sitting in the sun, knitting and watching them.

My belly is growing and I am forced to take regular breaks from unpacking and cleaning. What a better excuse to enjoy these (still) warm days and maybe finish some of my knitting projects? No sweaters this year, just quick projects: hats, dolls and softies, a simple baby blanket. The only big project was the baby rompers. And… Leonardo’s Waldorf dolls hair… that’s an endless work! When this doll will be finished, the one I made for Gloria will finally come out of her box…

Anyway, we are enjoying this early fall days. This is one of my favourite times of the year. Maybe it’s because it’s the time I was born. The days are still warm, the sun is hot during the day and at night, when it’s chilly, we can enjoy our new fireplace. And what about all the tasteful fall produces? We love pumpkins, chestnuts, figs, pome-granates… and we never appreciated apples as much as this year, that we can pick them from the tree.


On October 4th we celebrated St Francis of Assisi. He’s the patron saint of Italy and a very dear figure to me. I often tell my kids episodes from his life. They love the ones of Francesco preaching to the birds or talking to the wolf.

Francesco was the son of a rich fabric dealer. He became a soldier before the Crucified ordered him to “Go and restore his Church”. He took that literally, he left his family and his house and started restoring the ruins of the little church (San Damiano) where the crucifix was. He lived in the church and became a beggar, preaching simplicity and poverty (that he called “sister poverty”) and the love for every creature in the world as an expression of its Creator.
I really admire this man and the lessons he gave us. He is a great example to me and his hometown, Assisi, is one of my favourite places in the world. We also enjoy the texts he wrote, like the “Canticle of Brother Sun” and the “Simple prayer”.


  1. fra says

    la preghiera semplice di San Francesco è per quanto mi riguarda la più bella preghiera che un uomo abbia fatto a Dio!Aspetto con ansia le foto della vostra nuova casa! Un abbraccioFrancesca

  2. mariaclaudia says

    ciao, ti capisco sul trasloco perchè ne stiamo facendo uno noi…transoceanico… e sai che quando mi sono sposata mi sarebbe tanto piaciuto un anello in legno d’ulivo come quelli che fanno ad assisi in memoria di san francesco ? non sapevo che il 4 ottobre fosse la sua festa, grazie !! e buon autunno, spero di riuscire a confezionare qsa a tempo per la farfalla che sta nel tuo bozzolo !!

  3. Dawn says

    Thanks for sharing these links. I would like to learn more about St. Francis of Assisi….it would be a fun unit study to do with my children for school.

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